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TUE WED THU : 10:00am – 7:00pm
FRI: 9:00am – 7:00pm
SAT: 9:00am – 7:00pm
SUN & MON: Closed


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Platinum Bridal Package

  • Bridal Makeup and Hair
  • Airbrush Make up
  • Premium lashes
  • Jewelry setting
  • Dressing Services
  • Photography Session (We stay an hour extra)

Bridal Glam Package

  • Bridal Makeup and hair
  • False lashes
  • Jewelry Setting
  • Dressing Services

*Bridal Makeup Only (Includes lashes)

*Bridal Hair only (Extensions Additional)

Pre-Wedding Package

  • Engagement Makeup and Hair

 (Including false lashes, Dressing Services)

  • Mehndi/Sangeet Makeup and Hair
  • Bridal Shower Makeup and Hair
  • E-shoot Makeup (In studio only)

Other Party Members

  • Makeup and Hair
  • Makeup only
  • Hair

Additional services

  • Early morning services
  • Air brush Makeup
  • Makeup on back, Arms
  • Cream contour/Highlight
  • Blow Dry (Prior to styling)
  • False Eyelashes +Application
  • Saree Draping
  • Tikka Setting
  • Dupatta setting
  • Hair Extension only
  • Hair undressing

Photoshoots makeup Services

  • Models – Makeup and Hair
  • Stay day

NOTE: We also provide makeup services for:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Fashion show events