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Healthy hair doesn’t just make you look beautiful, it also helps strengthen your immune system and keeps you healthy by boosting your self-confidence. So take good care of it!

Think about it… Your hair is an extension of your nervous system. The blood vessels in the scalp are connected to the spinal column via a part of the autonomous system which imbibes hair with energy. Because hair has many nerve endings, hair loss or hair thinning can be caused by stressful life events like a death in the family, divorce or breakup etc. Many hair experts advise to massage your head several times daily; this will stimulate hair growth and also soothe tension and headaches.

For hair care tips follow these simple steps:

Scalp Massage

Regular Trim

Adequate Sleep & Healthy Diet

Vitamins for hair care

More than anything, hair is made out of protein. Hair and nails are the only tissues in your body that don’t contain any fats or carbohydrates. The hair shaft is made up of dead keratin cells, while hair’s pigmentation comes from melanin which passes through the hair shaft via cells called melanocytes. Sleep plays a pivotal role in increasing the length and hair growth.

Your hair is now strong and the hair follicles are active which means new hair growth is taking place. Your hair will grow around a half an inch every month, when your body gets at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Vitamins for hair care include B Vitamins, Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Keep these in mind for healthy locks and regularly visit hair salon for hair care tips – hair rebonding, hair spa and hair coloring